Coach Suspends Entire Team: Post #4


Read the article. This article discusses how a high school football coach suspended his entire football team because of Cyberbullying. Do you think this was a right decision? Yes or No. Please explain why or why not. Does Cyberbullying play a major role in our school? Does it increase or decrease because of social media? (Post your reflection by Friday, October  31, 2014 by 5pm). Please respond to a minimum of two other classmates Blog Posts.


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Digital Footprint Article: Post #3


Click the link below:

Summarize how your digital footprint can affect you positively or negatively? Think about your future; such as college and/or future jobs and careers. Your reflection must be a minimum of 5-6 complete sentences!!! Post by Friday, October  24, 2014 @ 5pm.

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Digital Citizenship: Post #2


Click the link below and read the article about how College Scholarships are being removed from incoming freshman because of what they have posted on their social networking site (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and/or Google).  Explain in 4-5 complete sentences about how this affects you and your future? How would you prevent yourself from “falling” into this trap as you get older and use more and more technology? 

 PS Post your response on your blog by 5pm Friday, October 17, 2014.

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