Golly Gump

Golly Gump

State Standard: 1, 3, 5

Equipment: Golly Gump Swallowed a Fly by Joanna Cole; Random House Children’s Book
Grade:  K-1
Purpose of Event:  Creative Movement Activity, body awareness, personal/general space.
Time: 20-25 minutes
Start with Children around you, and read the story or read the modified version:Golly is the best yawner in the whole country!  He wins blue ribbon at the fair.  (I yawn really big).  When he yawns he can swallow, whole houses, buildings as big as your school.  (yawn again) Unfortunately Golly doesn’t cover his mouth when he yawns and so, 

I don’t know how I don’t know why, but Golly swallowed down a little black fly.  Now the fly is buzzing round and round, can you buzz like a fly around the gym and then come back to me (a signal for coming back, beat a drum, turn off music, etc. would be good)

Golly is in real trouble, that fly is driving him crazy, so he thinks to himself, what do I know that catches flies?  Do you know anything that catches flies?  Golly opened wide, he opened wider and he swallowed down a long legged, prickly spider.  Can you act like a long legged spider and move around the gym like a spider would? 

Now Golly had a real mess going on, the spider was tickling, tickling and the fly was buzzing around and round.  What do we know that catches spiders?  The strangest thing I ever heard, but Golly Swallowed down a red winged bird.  Can you flap your wings and fly around the gym and come back to me?

Now Golly had a real mess, the bird was flapping, the spider was tickling and the fly was buzzing round and round.  What was Golly going to do?  he was feeling so terrible.  Can you imagine that, Golly swallowed down a big old yellow cat.  Can you act like a cat and move around the gym and come back to me?

Now Golly had a real mess and he thought and thought really hard and he said, what do I know that catches cats, yes you are right, that Golly, he acted like a real big hog and swallowed down the neighbors dog. Can you run around the gym like you think a dog might run and come back to me.

Now that Golly was full, his stomach was as big as the good-year blimp, he had a dog which was barking (ruff, ruff) a cat that was meowing (meow, meow) a bird that was flapping (arms flapping) a spider that was tickling (tickle a few tummies) and a fly that was buzzing round and round (buzz a few ears).  Now what do you think Golly might do? (No, not that, oh I don’t think so, well) I’m going to tell you a secret ok, lean in so as everyone can’t hear.  Golly he took a huge, 1st prize kinda breath, as big as a cloud and as loud as a plane and he yelled (whisper this part and then yell) If you don’t all get out of here, I’m going to swallow a grizzly bear (then growl and chase children).  

Concerns:  Move carefully on Scooters and in personal space.
This idea is from:  Joanna Cole, author and Sue Wyman at pecentral.com for a great idea and activity!

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