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Do you think we should worry or be aware of what people are taking pictures of? Especially if they are taking pictures of you. Why or Why Not?

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(Reply by Tuesday, April 9, 2013)



  1. Those pictures might be funny now but they will affect you for the rest of your life. The effects of the pictures won’t be positive.

  2. People need to not be putting other peoples pictures online some could hurt the rest of there life. You could have no job.

    • Right and anybody can see it the rest of your life. You can’t delete anything completely off of the internet even if it says it was deleted.

  3. I think that people shouldn’t be posting pictures of other people without them saying they can. Posting pictures of other people on the internet can ruin someone’s future. It is also invading someone elses privacy. You wouldn’t think it was funny if it happened to and your career got ruined, so why do it to others?

    • Very Good Response Casey!!!

      It’s amazing to me how people in this world are so willing to hurt others, but they do NOT put themselves in other peoples shoes. What if the tables were turned and it was happening to them??

  4. Yes, it can be funny to post pictures of your friends while they are sleeping, but it also can go too far. It’s an invasion of privacy. It may be funny the first time but after you do it a couple of times it gets old and it’s immature.

  5. I find that the pictures humillateing for the people in the picture and the people taking them. Because certain people can use to get an uper hand on you and can be bad and dangerious.

    • I believe that you should be held accountable for your actions. If you go to a party with people you don’t really know and get drunk, bad things may happen. And you may be held accountable for those actions by gossip.

  6. Most of the pictures are sleeping people that invades privacy and the rest are intoxicated pictures. Where the students they can post that picture when and where ever they want. It could even be from two years ago. That’s why it really needs an end to it.

  7. I dont think that anybody should post a picture of someone else, even if they are your friend, unless if you have that persons permission.

      • I agree. People can misunderstand pictures and really get the wrong idea. You might think a picture of your friend sleeping is funny, but others take it the wrong way.

  8. It may be funny now but later when your applying for jobs you might be reconsidered if your boss sees you in a picture or sees you posing these pictures. Also others may be offended if they end up on the website.

  9. I think that when people post these pictures they don’t relize that they are invading someone’s privacy so they think that it is cool and funny to post them. The thing they don’t relize that this can come back and hurt them in the long run.

  10. I believe that we should be aware of what us and others are posting. In almost every situation someone can see or take what you send or post. Your reputation can be ruined and you won’t see it coming.

  11. They may think it is a joke now, but when they get rejected from a job because of it they won’t think it is so funny. I don’t even see how it is funny, that would be embarrasing

    • Ethan,

      It may be funny, but what if someone took a picture of you and it was a picture you did NOT want others to see, but they posted it on Facebook? How would you feel if then somebody copied that photo off Facebook or Twitter and sent it to all their friends? Now people who you don’t even know have that picture. How would you feel then???

  12. It’s all in good fun, but people need to realize that some people may not be comfortable with this. It’s funny, but it’s not nessacary to show the whole world.

  13. I think posting these pictures are not right because they invade people’s privacy. Also that it could affect you later in life because your future boss could easily look you up. If they saw those pictures they probably would not be happy about you working for them.

  14. These kids need to realize what they are actually putting at risk here. If they are brave enough to invade the privacy of others they need to accept the consequences of this action.

    • I completely agree! So do you think people do this? Are they unaware of the consequences? Or do they not care? Do think someone should be able to take a picture of you and post it on twitter or facebook without your permission?

    • Exactly. If someone’s life changes completely because of something they posted, shouldn’t they suffer the same consequence?

    • I agree with you totally, because these things could ruin more than a few things here. For example they could have gotten a job interview, but as soon as the boss sees the pictures you won’t have a very good chance at getting the job.

  15. I believe that someone should think before they post. A possible job interview could ruined because of a “harmless” picture someone posted.

  16. I believe that posting pictures of people on a website without their permission is bad. Someone might get the wrong idea and things could get ugly.

  17. I think in someways this could be a fun thing to do over a campus but you have to know boundaries. Some of these photos are funny but others could get kids arrested for underage drinking depending on their age. I think this can continue but people just have calibrate it.

    • I agree, some might get in trouble even though it’s just all fun and games. I believe that people should know their boundaries and don’t post a picture without their permission.

    • I can see where it may be considered fun? But what if it was you? Think about it this way…What if someone took a picture of you? Would it still be funny? Just a thought. Excellent response though!

    • I agree it would be interesting to see it. But it also could really hurt someones life. Also it wouldn’t be a bad thing if under age drinkers get arrested.

  18. Yes, because they are going to people’ privacy without them knowing, and it can really harm their careers. Because their bosses can just look at that page and see you on it and think it’s unprofessional. I think it can really harm people’s lives, even though it can be a joke to some people, it can maybe be bullying to other people.

      • Yes i totally agree if they want to mess around they should do it in person. Not over the internet where the whole world can see it.

  19. I think we should be worried and aware because some of these teens may have their reputation ruined by a picture that’s not even true. Some may think its funny, others may take it too seriously.

  20. I think these students should think before posting the pictures or even taking them because they could affect things in the future.

  21. You should not invade someone’s privacy, mainly because you could get in major trouble. These students had no idea, and it is a problem. It’s not fun for them.

    • You might not just get in major trouble, you may also lose that person as a friend. That person may becomed bullied because of your actions.

    • Based on what other students have been saying not everybody hates it. But some of these are an invasion of privacy so they should have boundaries.

    • Yeah, and if someone really doesn’t want to be on the blog, and then you post them on there, they would be pretty upset

  22. Yes, I think that people should think before they post anything. People all around the world could see it. They are invading their privacy when the take pictures like that.

  23. I think that people should think before they post anything. People all around the world could see it. They are invading their privacy when the take pictures like that.

  24. I believe that posting people’s pictures on the internet could get you in trouble, plus, if someone got the wrong idea, things could get ugly.

    • Yes, this could get you in trouble with the law and potentially with your friends. I would hope none of us would post these kinds of pictures.

    • Yeah someone misunderstanding could really mess things up. If they told an important adult on campus like a professor things could get really bad whether it was a misunderstanding or not.

    • I agree, becasue if it were you how would you feel? People need to think before they post, because it could ruin what people think of that person.

  25. Yes, I think that it is bad that people are taking pictures of people that might not want to be in the picture. Also is it illegel.

  26. People should think before they Tweet something on Twitter, because it could ruin their reputation forever. The students who post them could be charged for invasion of privacy.

    • I totally agree. These students need to be aware of what could be the consequences that come from posting these pictures.

  27. I think that we should realize what is happening here. These students have no idea that they are having their pictures taken. It may be considered cool thing to do but it is definitely a invasion or their privacy.

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