Flickr Perversion: Post #5

 Read the article. This article discusses how a parent found the “negatives” of the internet and social networking. Answer the questions below on YOUR own blog.   (Post your reflection by Friday, November  7, 2014 by 5pm). Please respond to a minimum of two other classmates Blog Posts.



1) What must you know about the realities of the Internet in regards to how we deal with the photos (and identities) of our family/friends?

2) What are the benefits of an open vs. a closed reality? Are the benefits of openness (e.g., in regards to our families/friends) worth the risks? And, what are the credible risks? (Posting pictures and content on the internet). 

3) What precautions should we take  in the presentation of your family/friends digital identity?

4) What rights and responsibilities do we have as “users” to protect our digital identities?

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