How to use Storify

What is Storify?

Storify is a visual way to tell social media stories using your Tweets, Facebook updates, pics, and other social media information.  Storify is overwhelmingly a neat way to show how a story develops over social media — without you having to take screenshots and insert your own links.

How to Use Storify:

Luckily, it’s easy.

  1. First, create an account at Storify (you can log in with Twitter or Facebook).
  2. Click the blue “Create a Story” button in the top right hand corner.
  3. Look at the right side of the new screen where the icons of your favorite social media websites reside.  
  4. Click on any social media icon (like Twitter), then put in a username for that network you want to search. You’ll see all the recent Tweets from that person/hashtag/search query.
  5. Now, start dragging content from the right hand panel from the social media networks you are searching into the left hand panel where you are telling your story. Add words or titles. You are finished!! A story told in text and pictures via social media updates.

Want an Example?

Here’s one of my classes using storify. It’s a recap of our Digital Citizenship Chats we did on our #blogs.


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