Diamond Tag

Diamond Tag

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State Standard: 1, 3
Equipment:  5-6 soft foam objects (balls or discs for tagging, I use noodles) 4 bases (bases should be large, floor tape might work best)  Music Grade: 3+
Purpose of Event: Increase heart rate
Time: 5-7 minutes, quick warm up
Description:Assign 5-6 players to be “taggers”, all other players are the “runners” and stand on the bases. When the music starts, the runners attempt to run clock wise (or counter clock wise) around the bases, keeping track of how many times they make it around without being tagged.  The taggers attempt to tag runners with the foam object (no throwing).  When tagged the two players switch roles and continue playing. there are no “tag backs”.  

Students can run or walk to the next base.  Once you leave a base, you have to go to the next base.  No “puppy guarding” bases. And limit number of runners on a base to 2 (or 3).   Taggers can move in any direction.

I treat it more like “track” and handing off a baton rather than a “tagger”.

Concerns: Make sure all runners are going the same way, tag safely, rock paper scissors for any arguments.
This idea is from: Curt Hinson He has a great book called Fitness for Children; call 888-217-9131 to order

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