True & False Tag

True False Tag 

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State Standards: 1, 3, 4
Equipment: None (Noodles for tagging if needed) Grade: 3+
Purpose of Event: Work on Listening skills, directions, quick game, lots of movement,
Time: Quick Filler 3-5 minutes
Description: Partner the students, Line them facing partner, on center line in the gym.

One end of gym (i.e.. West) will be known as the TRUE side, other end of the gym (i.e.. East) will be known as the FALSE side.

Instructor will call out statements, which will be true or false and the students will need to decide if it is true or false.  If the statement is True, the students on the TRUE side run to the West end and try to cross the base line before the partner on the FALSE side touches them. If the True student gets to the line with out being touched, they get a point, if the False side touches the TRUE student before they get to the West line, the False student gets the point. (I don’t do anything with the points, some kids want to know, some kids don’t care, I don’t stress keeping points.)  When I say statements that are FALSE, the False side runs to the East and the TRUE side tries to tag the False students before the FALSE student gets to their line.

Going the wrong directions! Some kids will go to the wrong side.  If I say a True statement, and the False student runs to the East, the True student gets the point, this encourages them to really listen and think things over before they act!

The Statements can be anything, I like to do this activity on the first day, so they can find out things about me, and my rule and expectations. I also do some that are just plain silly!   For example,  I would say: “In PE this year, we will NEVER do sit-ups!”  That would be FALSE.  I also say statements that some of the kids might not know the answers to, and will have to guess.

Extras: You may only tag your partner, and nobody else. Once you have decided to run to the West or East, you may not change your mind.  Get back to the line as soon as you get to the base line, or are tagged.


Concerns: As with any Tag game, pushing and not tagging can happen! I like to have my kids tag with water noodles.  I cut mine in thirds so they aren’t as long, and they use those to tag.   Base line: is this the line at the end of the gym that I have my students run too.  You can pick any line you want, or make one with cones, or floor tape.  Just make sure it is far enough away from walls so they can’t “crash” into the wall at the end of the run.  Finally, stress running STRAIGHT LINES!  Kids that “swerve” will run into other kids.
This idea is from several different workshops!  Sorry! Can’t remember for sure, but I think Dr. Curt Hinton!

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