Not in my Backyard



Not in my Backyard
State Standard: 1, 2, 3
Equipment: 30-40 soft balls (foam), 4-5 folding mats, & Music Grade: K-2 (3-5 Possible = Halloween version)
Purpose of Event: Over hand throwing
Time: 15-18 minutes

Divide class into 2 teams, place folding mats up on ends between to team.  Scatter balls (garbage) on both sides of playing area.  Mat stands as a “fence”.  On signal, players may pick up one ball at a time and throw overhand over the fence.  Players attempt to throw as many balls over the fence as possible in the time limit (getting the garbage out of their yard).  Count the ball on each side of the fence. The team having the least is the winner.

Halloween Adaptation:

Cover balls with fabric so they look like “ghosts” and set up mats on end, high enough so that a correctly thrown overhand ball will go over it.  

Divide the class into two teams, one on each side of the net.  Explain that they must stay in their house (on their side of the net) during the game.  Tell the class that they are all Ghostbusters and their job is to get rid of all the ghosts in their haunted house.  They will get rid of the ghosts by throwing them into the other haunted house, over the net, using the overhand throw.  However, when the music stops (play ghost busters music), they must freeze and stop throwing ghosts.  Count the ghost to see who wins (optional). Divide the ghosts up and start again.

Check for: opposite foot in front, trunk rotation, shift of weight, elbow leads, snap wrist and follow-through.

Concerns: Use soft balls, have another line on both sides of the fence that one can cross, this prevents them from getting too close to the mats.
This idea is from: Phyllis Kessel @ Chasco, Port Richey, FL from / WOW Workshop



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