Hula-Hoop Activity for Kindergarten & 1st Grade





EQUIPMENT: 1 hoop for each student


FOCUS: Jumping and hopping with good control


ACTIVITY: (15-18 min.)

Organization: Have each row of students walk up and get a hoop.  Tell the students to take it back and sit down quietly in their hoop until further instruction.


Jumping & Hopping with Hoops:

  1. Can you balance on your right (left) foot in the center of the hoop?
  2. Can you jump around the hoop going forwards (backwards)?
  3. Can you jump in and out of the hoop?
  4. Can you jump forward into your hoop and jump backward out of your hoop?
  5. With one foot inside your hoop and one foot outside the hoop, can you jump around the hoop?
  6. Can you repeat #5 going backwards?
  7. Can you hop inside your hoop 5 times on your right (left) foot?
  8. Can you hop forward around the outside of your hoop?
  9. Can you hop in and out of your hoop?


Hoop Patterns: Arrange the students in small groups, each group at 1 of 5 stations. Rotate the groups to new stations every 1-2 minutes.

Station 1: Lay the hoop in a straight line.  Have the students jump or hop forwards and backwards through the hoops.

Station 2: Lay the hoop in two straight lines side by side.  Have the students straddle jump or hop forward and backward through the hoops.

Station 3: Lay the hoops in a zigzag formation.  Have the students hop or jump forward and backward through the hoops.

Station 4: Lay the hoops like station 2, but space them out a little.  Have the student jump or hop sideways through the hoops.

Station 5: Lay the hoops in a hopscotch pattern.  Have the students hop through the hoops. 1-2-1-2-1.


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