Halloween Locomotor (Fall Locomotor)


Halloween Locomotor (Fall Locomotor)
State Standard: 1, 2, 3
Equipment: Music Grade: K-2
Purpose of Event: Personal and General Space, Locomotor skills, Creative Movement
Time: 15-18 minutes

Students will be spread out in the gym in personal space.  Explain to them that they will be moving around the gym, pretending to be “trick or treaters” (or scarecrows).  Review that the general space,  is space shared by everyone and that they must maintain their personal space and not bump into anyone.  Tell the students that you will be naming a Halloween costume (or fall activity) and they need to move around the gym as though they are that character.  For example, if the teacher says “bat”, the students will move around the gym flapping their arms.  When the teacher says “BOO” all students must freeze and listen for the announcement of the next costume.  Allow students to use their imagination to think of several Fall related movements.

Concerns: Move safely in Personal/General Space
This idea is from: pecentral.com


Costumes or Fall Items: Movements:
Marching band March
Cowboy Gallop
Bat or Airplane Walking, flapping arms
Cat Crawling
Mummy or Robot Stiff straight walking
Monster (Frankenstein) Walking, arm out in front
Cinderella Dancing and Twirling
Harry Potter or Witch Riding a broomstick
Pumpkin Big and Round, rolling
Others: Scarecrow Leaf Sponge Bob
Snake Spiderman or Spider Bee Butterfly
Skeleton Pirate Vampire Jack O Lantern
Ghost Frog Teacher

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