Treasure Island

Treasure Island

State Standard: 1, 2, 3, 4

Equipment: 5 Mats, A Bunch of Trinkets (bean bags), Jersey’s, Tag Sticks (Noodles), & Cones Grade: K-5
Purpose of Event:  Teamwork & Cardiovascular Endurance
Time: 15- 20 minutes
Organization: Place four mats in each corner of the gym (pirate ships) and one mat in the middle of the gym (island). The class will return to the center circle and receive the directions for the activity.  The class will be divided into five teams.  The teacher will choose the teams.

Treasure Island: Four teams try to steal from the Treasure Island (Pirates). Four to Five other students wearing the colored jersey’s (guards) try to tag the pirates when they come to steal from the Treasure Island. If pirates grab an item BEFORE they are tagged they get to keep it and take item back to their mat (Pirate Ship). If a pirate is tagged before they grab an item they have to return to their ship and wait for their next turn to steal. This is a timed game. After 2-3 minute stop the game and see, which pirate team has the most “treasure.” Then rotate teams. The guards become pirates and so on.   

Concerns: No sliding on the floor. Make sure the pirates are tagging in a safe manner.
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