Halloween Ghost Hunt



State Standard: 1, 3

Equipment: 25 cones, 10 white fluff balls “ghosts”, and Halloween music. Grade: K-2
Purpose of Event: Cooperation, memory skills and cardiovascular workout
Time: 15-18 minutes
Organization: Arrange 25 cones in 5 rows of 5 on one side of the gym.  Put the “ghosts” randomly inside ten cones before students enter the gym.

“Ghost Hunt”:

Divide the students into four teams and have them line up behind the red line on the opposite side of the gym as the cones.  Explain to the students that there is ten ghosts hidden under the “pumpkins” in the “pumpkin patch”.  When the music starts one person from each team will go into the “patch” and look under one “pumpkin”.  If a ghost is found, the student takes it and returns to his/her team.  If a ghost is not found, they still return to their team.  The person then tags the hand of the next person in line and then he/she may go.  Remind students that no one should move until the music begins and that everyone must freeze when the music is turned off. Once they touch a cone they have to pick that one up.

When it appears most of the ghosts are found, stop the game by turning off the music.  Count the number of ghosts each team captured.  The team with the most is the winner.  Collect the captured ghosts.  Have the team turn to the wall and close their eyes to replace the “ghosts”.  Begin the game once again.

Concerns: Students staying in their lines (no cutting).
This idea is from: Mark Harming, Physical Education Teacher, Chamberlain School District, Chamberlain, SD.

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