Time Bomb Basketball


Time Bomb Basketball

State Standard: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Equipment: Basketball and hoop per group Grade: 4+
Purpose of Event: Combine passing, shooting, teamwork
Time: 10-15 minutes
Description:Divide students into groups of 4-6, in circle formation; each group has one ball and one basketball hoop.  When the music starts, they will bounce (and/or chest pass) to someone else in their group.  When the music stops, the person with the ball goes to the free throw line and shoots.  They keep shooting until they make a basket, after the first shot, that player can move as close as they want.  Once that basket is made the next player shoots, again from the free-throw line and repeat until everyone has made a basket.Or shoot for a time, i.e.. one minute and see how many made baskets each group gets.  Another option would be to have everyone shoot one time and see how many baskets each team makes.

Can use playground balls for safety with younger students.  Move the starting line up for weaker students, or lower the hoop.

Concerns: Pass to students carefully.
This idea is from: I have seen it may places, but changed some things to make it work for my students.

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