Capture the Basketball




State Standard: 1, 2, 3, 5
8 basketballs, & 8 hula-hoops, colored Jersey’s, & Noodles Grade:3-5
Purpose: Cardiovascular, dribbling, dodging
Time: 15-25 Minutes
Organization: Students will sit around the middle circle while I explain the rules to the game.  I will then split the students into two teams and hand out colored jersey’s.

Capture the Basketball:

  • Each team scatters on one side of the basketball court.  Behind each team is an end zone that contains four basketballs, one in each hoop.  
  • The object of the game is to cross the center safety line without getting tagged and enter the baseline area.  Once inside the baseline area, the player must obtain a ball without getting tagged.  Once a player has obtained a basketball (before being tagged) the player will then attempt to dribble the ball back across the center-line and then place with the other basketballs in their team’s end zone.   ball in one of their hula-hoops. If the players stops dribbling the ball before they reach their side the ball MUST be returned. 
  • If a player is tagged while in the opponent’s side (before they have grabbed a basketball) he/she must return to their end zone and attempt to steal (capture) a basketball again. 
  • The game is over when one team has all eight balls in the hula-hoops in their teams end zone or the most balls at the end of a designated time period.
Concerns: Be Careful when tagging and moving safely within general space. 
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