Castle Smashers



Castle Smashers

State Standard: 1, 2, 3, 5
Equipment: 4 folded mats, 10-12 cones, 5-10 seven inch gator skin balls, 5-10 volleyball size gator skin balls Grade: K-3
Purpose: Teamwork – Cooperative Learning – Throwing Skills
Time: 15-25 Minutes


  • Divide the class into two teams, place two mats on edge around the free throw line (adjust distance based on skill level of throwers) place 2-3 cones on each mat.

How to play:  

  • I tell a story about two kings and how they have a moat that divides their kingdom and they send out their armies to try to defeat the other kingdom.
  • Half court line is the moat. They are catapults (their arms) and they sling boulders (gator skin balls) at the castles trying to destroy the towers.   The small balls are arrows and their arms are the cross bows, they try to hit the other team, if they get out they have exercises to get back into the game. If your castle gets smashed you become part of the other kingdom. We then restart the game. 


  • You can have Ss try and catch the “boulders,” which would allow students to put up one of their towers that was knocked over. 
Concerns: Be Careful when throwing the balls to hit the cones. Make sure students are knocking the cones down from the mats on purpose. 
This idea is from: Mark Struck, Physical Education Teacher, Sioux Falls School District, Sioux Falls, SD. 


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