Jail Ball


Jail Ball

State Standard: 1, 2, 3, 5
Equipment: 4-8 Gator Skin Balls, 4-6 Hula-Hoops, Cones, & Jersey’s.  Grade: 2-5
Purpose: Teamwork – Cooperative Learning – Throwing Skills
Time: 15-25 Minutes


  • Set up the playing area with cones to separate the gym into two halves. Place the hula-hoops (Jails) at about 20-40 feet behind the half court line. **Distance: depends on students skill level.** 

How to play:  

  • The purpose of this game is to be the first team to get your teammates out of jail. Players get teammates out of jail by throwing them a ball. If the jail bird catches the ball, they must throw it back to whoever threw the ball to them. If BOTH players CATCH the thrown ball, the player is out of jail and rejoins their team. Play continues till all jailbirds are out of jail or the time limit is up. I use a 3-4 time limit. 
  • Players begin by lining up on their side of the gym. I select 4 students to be the jailbirds (each students stands in a hula-hoop on other team’s side of the gym). 
  • When the game begins, players attempt to throw balls over the opponents head, staying on their side of the gym to get it to their teammates who are in jail. 


  • The opponents are not allowed to block the thrown balls and CANNOT stand directly in front of the hula-hoops (jails). 
  • Players may NOT cross the center-line. 
  • Jailbirds may NOT step outside of their hula-hoop (jail) to try and catch a ball. 
  • Students are NOT allowed to throw the ball at each other!!! 
Concerns: Be Careful when throwing the balls to hit the cones. Make sure students are knocking the cones down from the mats on purpose. 
This idea is from: Carly Glanzman, Physical Education Teacher, Michigan. 

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