State Standard: 1, 2, 3, 5
Equipment:  Plastic Easter eggs (assorted colors) and many cones Grade: K-3
Purpose: Cardiovascular fitness, Easter fun, and teamwork
Time: 15-25 Minutes


  • The instructor will need to write the numbers 1-9 on the board and assign an exercise for each number (some numbers could have the same exercise). The class will be divided into five teams. Each team sits in a line behind their basket facing a set of cones.

Eggs-Xercise Hunt:

  • Each team will be assigned to find 9 eggs of there given color. The Easter eggs are hidden under each cone. This is a relay activity.  On the signal, the first player in each line runs to any cone to find the correct colored egg.  If it is correct, they take it back to their basket, look inside to find a number and the whole team does the exercise that matches that number on the board.  If it is not the right color, the student must replace the cone and run back to his/her line.  The next student in line may go.  After each egg has been found the team must do the exercise and then the next person in line goes for another egg.  Each team goes until they have all nine eggs of their same color in their basket and they have completed the exercises.


  • Have the student continue to look under the cones until he/she finds their color of egg.
Concerns: Make sure students are performing the exercises to the best of their ability. Make sure students are not “hiding” the eggs. 
This idea is from: Myself!

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