Feed Oscar


Feed Oscar

State Standard: 1, 2, & 3
Equipment: 4 Folding Mats, several yarn balls, & cones Grade: K-2
Purpose: Check throwing skills, opposite foot forward
Time: 15-25 Minutes

Directions: Stand mats on end, Velcro them together (Oscar’s Can) and stand them up inside the red circle in the gym

Start with 2 kids inside Oscar’s Can (for little students, kindergarten, I put 3-4 in at a time, or I run out of time!):

  • All the other kids will throw balls inside the can
  • Kids may only have 2 BALLS in their hand at a time,
  • Kids May NOT go inside the red circle, No “Dunking” 
  •  I play for about one seconds, and pick two new kids to put inside.
Concerns:  Kids getting hit with balls inside “Oscar” have them duck down, and use Soft balls Yarn ball work nice.
This idea is from: Tracy Nelson, former K-5 PE Teacher, Brookings, SD. 

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