State Standard: 1, 2, 3, 5
Equipment: 4 Folding Mats, Several gator balls, & jersey’s Grade: 3-6
Purpose: Cardiovascular Fitness, Throwing Skills, Movement in General Space, Muscular Strength, & Teamwork.
Time: 15-25 Minutes


Game Description: This is a handball and target type game. The main goal of the game is for players to score as many points as they can on the opposing team goal before the round is over – either 3 minutes per round or first to 5 points! There are goalies on each side who do their best to save the shots taken. 

Rules: Students who throw a ball that is caught by the goalie (only) that student must go to a designated area and perform a desired exercise then they are allowed back in the game. This rule applies to the goalies as well; however the change is if the goal steps off the mat they to MUST go and perform a desired exercise and then are allowed back in the game. This forces the goalie to NOT step off the mat otherwise it leaves their goal unguarded. 

Concerns: Be Careful when throwing a ball! Students are not allowed to throw a ball at another student!! Making sure students are being honest when the teacher asks how many points each player earned. 
This idea is from: Mitch Begeman, Physical Education Teacher, Sioux Falls, SD. PhysGames.com ==>  https://physedgames.com/turmiopallo/

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