State Standard: 1, 2, 3, 5
Equipment: Scooters, pins, skipping ropes, cones Grade: 2-6
Purpose: Cardiovascular Fitness, Throwing Skills, Movement in General Space, Muscular Strength, & Teamwork.
Time: 15-25 Minutes

Game Description: 2 teams face-off against each other in either a “who-can-last-the-longest” set of rounds, or point-scoring game. 1 team starts along an end of the gym as the “tugboats” pulling their cargo (a plastic pin balanced on a scooter, pulled by a skipping rope). I use cones stays on the scooter better. Each player on that team has their own cargo to pull. The other team is along the sides in a designated throwing area (use cones) – they each have a foam ball or 2 to start with.

On the “Start” signal, the tugboats try to travel back and forth from one end-line to the other end-line as many times as possible, keeping their pin alive (ie, not fallen over, either by self mistake by pulling too fast, or from a ball hitting it down). The throwers (I call them the “Sinkers”) will try to knock the pins off the scooters! When a player’s pin is knocked over, that player isn’t out – he/she can then go and block/guard one of their teammate’s pins as they continue travelling along from end-line to end-line.

Eventually, the whole team surrounds their last member’s pin/cargo trying to keep it up until it finally falls and then the 2 groups switch roles for the next round. Points can be earned every time a player makes it safely to an end.  **I play with a time limit of 3 minutes.** 

Adaptation:  I also play this during Thanksgiving time and call the game ==> Turkey Trot. Play this with K-1 students. Call the throwers (hunters). 

Concerns: Be Careful when throwing a ball! Students are not allowed to throw a ball at another student!! Making sure students are not tripping over the jump ropes that are tied to the scooters. ==> 


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