Turkey Round Up


Turkey Round Up

State Standard: 1, 2, 3, 4

Equipment: 4 hoops, 5 jerseys, 7-8 cones, 8 carpet squares, 5 noodles Grade: K-1
Purpose of Event: Warm up; tagging, fleeing, dodging
Time: 10- 15 minutes

Tell the students that they will be Turkeys or Farmers, and both are very hungry! Select 5 students to be Farmers. They will wear a Bib (Jersey) so the Turkeys know who they are. The rest of the students are Turkeys, and the game will start with them inside the Turkey Pen (large area marked by cones). It is the job of the Farmers to protect the Turkey Feed (bean bags) in hoops in four corners of the gym. The Turkeys are hungry, so they are going to attempt to leave the Turkey Pen, steal some turkey feed, and make it back to the pen without getting tagged by the Farmer. Farmers are not allowed to enter the Turkey Pen. If the Farmers tag a Turkey, the Turkey must go to the dinner table and stand on a place mat (carpet squares around the outside of the playing area). To escape the Dinner Table, the Turkey must jump up and down and say “gobble, gobble, gobble” until another Turkey sneaks out of the pen, grabs them, and takes them back to the pen. The game ends when all the Turkey feed has been stolen or 1-2 minutes to switch Farmers.

I give the 5 farmers noodles so tagging is safer.

Concerns: Move safely in general space. Tag carefully!!!
This idea is from: Susan Burd at Harvard elementary in Tacoma WA from PE Central



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