Winter Wonderland Perceptual Motor Centers




Winter Wonderland Centers

State Standard: 1, 2, 3, 4

Equipment: Several items required Grade: K-1
Purpose of Event: Working and practicing several perceptual motor skills within centers (stations).
Time: 15- 20 minutes
Snowball Throw:

  • Equipment: Beanbags, Plastic Bowling Pins, Poly Spots
  • Preparation: Set-up the bowling pins in a triangle formation. Place a tape line on the floor 5 to 10 feet away. Place the beanbags on the tape line.
  • Objective: Students knock down at least four bowling pins.

Ice Hockey:

  • Equipment: Cones (4 to 5), Hockey Stick (1), Puck (1)
  • Preparation: Set the cones out in a straight line about 3 feet from one another. Place the hockey stick and puck at the beginning cone.
  • Objective: Student dribble a hockey puck through cones without hitting the cones.


  • Equipment: Scooter (1), Cones (4)
  • Preparation: Place the four cones in a line 3 feet from one another. Put the scooter at the starting cone.
  • Objective: Students either lie on their bellies or sit on their bottoms and push themselves through a maze of cones.


  • Equipment: Carpet Squares (2)
  • Preparation: Lay the carpet squares (carpet side-down) at one of the cones.
  • Objective: Students stand on two carpet squares and slide to the other cone with speed and accuracy.


  • Equipment: Cones (5) & Roller-Racers (5)
  • Preparation: Put the cones in a line about 3 to 5 feet apart with the roller racers starting at one of the cones.
  • Objective: Students sit on the roller racer and weave in and out of the cones without running into the cones or one another.
Concerns: Move safely in general space. Tag carefully!!!
This idea is from: Station Games: Fun and Imaginative PE Lessons by Maggie C. Burk (Book)

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