Wild Wild West


Wild Wild West

State Standard: 1, 2, & 4

Equipment: 4 Mats & Several yarn balls. Grade: 2-5
Purpose of Event: Running, Throwing, & Catching
Time: 15- 20 minutes
Organization: Set-up four mats on end in the shape of a circle. Place a basket of several yarn balls in the middle of the gym. Separate the students into two teams. One group will be the throwers (cowboys/cowgirls) who will be standing inside the middle oval on the gym floor. The other group will be the runners/catchers (buffaloes) standing on the outside of the mats.

Activity: On the signal, the buffaloes begin by running around the outside of the mats in a circle (around gym) as the cowboys/cowgirls (standing in the middle) are trying to throw the yarn ball at the buffaloes. The goal is for the buffaloes to try and catch a yarnball thrown by a cowboy/cowgirls before hits the ground. The game keeps going for 4-5 minutes and then switch the groups. The cowboys/cowgirls become the buffaloes and the buffaloes become the cowboys/cowgirls.

Variations: Group the students into groups of two (partners). Have one partner begin as a buffalo and the other as runner. The goal is for the two pairs to catch a ball 5 times in a row and then switch places (can make it a higher number for older students). For younger students try using a larger ball (i.e., beachball or beanbags). Instead of running; incorporate different locomotor skills for the buffaloes (i.e., skipping & galloping). Have students practice underhand or overhand throwing as well. You can also have the students rotate when they have caught a ball so many number of times. I have my Ss usually go to 5 times and then switch.

Concerns: Move safely around the gym. Making sure students are sharing the yarn balls (not fighting)!!! Students are NOT to be throwing the ball at the runners; not dodge ball. Working on throwing and catching while moving.
This idea is from: Amy Staples, Physical Education Teacher, Sioux Falls, SD.

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