Hockey: Lead-up Games


Lead-up Games

State Standard1, 2, & 4

Equipment One hockey stick per player, One puck per game, and Cones Grade: 3-5
Purpose of Event: Stick-Handling, Shooting, Checking, Goaltending, and Teamwork
Time: 15-20 minutes
Organization: Give students a stick and have them sit down in their homes.  Explain to the students the safety precautions they need to take when playing with the sticks.  No “High Sticking”!  Tell the player we are reinforcing the hockey skills we have learned through these lead-up games.


  1. One- on One Face-Off: (Divide the class into two equal teams and have each team stand on opposite sides of the play area, about 30 feet apart and facing each other.  Players on each team should space themselves at arm’s length.  Starting at opposite ends, have players number off.  Mark a face-off circle, 2 feet in diameter, at the middle of the play area.  To start the game, stand ready to drop the puck at the face-off circle.)  When a number is called, the two opposing players with this number face-off at the circle.  The player who gains control of the puck, either dribbles or passes it back to a teammate to earn a point for your team.  The game continues until everyone has had a turn facing off; then add the scores to determine the winner.


  • For a large class, have more than one game going on at the same time.  Instead of dropping the puck for the face-off, have the placed on the floor between the two players, who must be outside the face-off circle.  Blow the whistle for the face-off signal.
  • Side-line Hockey: Play as for face-off game, but whoever gains control of the puck at the face-off tries to shoot it past the opposition’s side-line players, who act as goalies.
  • Pair-up Hockey: Call two or more numbers at a time, and add the rule that at least one pass must be made between the two players before attempting to score.
  • Mini-Hockey: Divide the players into groups of six.  Each group collects four cone markers and one puck.  Using the lines on the floor divide the gym into three mini-courts.)  Assign each group to a court and have them set up the goals at each end, using the cone markers.  Each group of six plays a game of three-on three in the assigned court. In your group of six, make two teams of three players.  One player of the threesome is the goalie; the other two players try to score a goal.  Change roles often or after every goal that is scored.  Remember, there is no body contact! Don’t bring your stick any higher than hip level or swing it dangerously. (Observe the play closely, watching for dangerous swinging of raising of the stick.  Take immediate action!)  On my whistle signal, immediately stop play.  Rotate to the next court and play a game of three-on-three with the new team. **You can set up these different learning activities into centers if you would like too. **
Concerns: Move safely around the gym. Being safe the hockey sticks!!!! 
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