Hockey: Passing & Receiving Skills


Passing and Receiving Skills

State Standard1, 2, & 4

EquipmentOne hockey stick per player, One puck per pair, One ball per pair, and Several cones Grade: 3-5
Purpose of Event: Passing technique, Receiving, Control, and Partnerwork
Time: 15-20 minutes
Organization: Give students a stick and have them sit down in their homes. Explain to the students the safety precautions they need to take when playing with the sticks.  No “High Sticking”!  Have players find a partner.  Each pair gets one puck and stands ten feet apart.

Passing & Receiving Skills:

  1. Passing Technique: Keep your stick blade upright and use a smooth sweeping motion.  Try not to raise the stick above your waist in the back swing or when swinging it forward.  
  2. Receiving technique: Watch the puck.  Tilt your stick blade over the puck to trap it.  Cushion the pass by allowing your stick blade to “give” at the moment of impact.
  3. Practice:
  • While standing still, pass the puck to your partner.  Concentrate on passing the puck directly into your partner’s stick.  Receivers, field the puck first, get it under control, and then pass it back to your partner.
  • While standing still, pass the puck to your partner, who is on the move; your partner stops the puck and passes it back you while you are on the move.
  • Can you and your partner both move while passing the puck back and forth?  (Make sure to “Lead” the pass.
  1. Passing Shuttle Relay: (Form teams of four to six players, each team in shuttle formation facing the other half about 30 feet apart.  Each first player of one line has a puck.  Mark a passing point for each half.)  Each player in turn, dribble the puck forward to the passing line; then pass it to the opposite file player, who fields the puck and repeats the action.
  2. Wall Passing: Taking turns with your partner hitting a puck against a wall: one partner, hit the puck; the second partner, receive the rebound and hit the puck back again.  Begin close to the wall; then gradually move farther away.


Variations: You can set up these different learning activities into centers if you would like too. 

Concerns: Move safely around the gym. Being safe the hockey sticks!!!! 
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