Escape From Alcatraz

Escape From Alcatraz

State Standard1, 2, & 4

Equipment 5 Mats, 5 scooters, 5 jump ropes, 10 poly spots, & 4 Hula Hoops Grade: 3-5
Purpose of Event: Cardiovascular Endurance, Spatial Awareness, Control, & Teamwork. 
Time: 15-20 minutes
Organization: Set up 5 mats around the gym. Give one scooter, one jump rope, and 2 poly spots for each team. Place 4 Hula-Hoops around the gym as safe zones (rocks). 

Description: The goal for the students is to try and get your team around the gym using only the items listed above as many times as possible. Divide your students into five groups. Each teams starts on a mat (Alcatraz Island). Students can use the scooters (life boats), but cannot touch the floor (San Francisco Bay) with any part of their body. If, they touch the floor (water) their WHOLE group must start over. Students can use poly spots (lily pads) to stand on while moving around the gym (They are NOT allowed to slide them on the floor). Students can also stand on the hula-hoops (rocks). 

Concerns: Move safely around the gym. Make sure students are not jumping onto the scooters!! They must sit on the scooters!! 
This idea is from: Kris Smith, Physical Education Teacher, Sioux Falls, SD. 


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