Chopstick Pickup


Chopstick Pickup

State Standard1, 2, & 4

Equipment Lummi Sticks, Yarn Balls, Beanbags and Hoops. Grade: K-3
Purpose of Event: Cardiovascular Endurance, Spatial Awareness, Control, & Manipulative’s
Time: 15-20 minutes
Organization: Set up hula-hoops on both ends of the gym. The students will be put into pairs. Each player stands across from their partner in relay style. Each student receives a hoop, 3 beanbags, 3 yarn balls, and 2 lummi sticks.

Students will work in pairs. Each student places their hoop on the opposite side of the gym from his or her partner.  The balls and beanbags are placed inside the hoop.  On the signal to begin, each player runs with their lummi sticks to their partner hoop and attempts to use just their lummi sticks to pick up either a beanbag or a yarn ball and return it to their hoop.  


Rules: If a partner drops their item while traveling back to their teammates hula-hoop they do NOT have to go back and try again. 

Concerns: Move safely around the gym. Being safe with the lummi sticks!!!! 
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