Artic Centers

Artic Centers

State Standard: 1, 3, 4, & 5

Equipment: Lots of mats, balls, pins, small balance beam, etc.
Grade: 1st Grade: Artic Unit (I also use same centers for Kindergarten and 2nd grade)
Purpose of Event: The first graders are learning about the Artic, I wanted to do an Interdisciplinary Unit to help promote the learning. We used lots of Cardiovascular movement, and throwing
Time: 10-15 minutes

Set Up: Around the out side of the gym I placed the equipment, and between the “stations” I put floor mats down so the students had a “snowy” path to follow to the next station. I didn’t time them, I allowed them to move from one spot to the next as they were ready. Some students made it 6+ times around, and some only 2-3. (I only limited the time on the scooter to keep the students moving.)

Before the students came, I turned off most of the lights, and turned on some flash lights to represent the Northern Lights or 24 hours of Darkness. The students loved it!

First the students went out the Igloo (small tunnel to crawl through) and then to a snowy path (floor mats). This path lead to a cave they needed to explore (mat ring) the cave lead them to a snowy path (floor mats) in an open field. This was a good spot for sledding (scooters) around the Artic Circle and the North Pole (cones with a post in the middle). We had to limit ourselves to one trip around the Artic Circle and North Pole. Because we found another snowy path! (floor mat) However, this path was made by a POLAR BEAR! (we Bear Crawled down this path) The path lead us to a Mountain (incline wedge, laid flat on the floor). After we climbed the mountain, we went to another snowy path. And at the end of the path we found Penguins (bowling pins)! Now, we know penguins are NOT found in the Artic, so we needed to send them back home! (Hit the pins with koosh balls). After getting ride of the pesky penguins, we followed the next snowy path (floor mat) to an Icy Bridge (low balance beam, with a mat under it) and at the end of the bridge was another Carve (Round mat) that lead us back to our Igloo, where we made some hot chocolate (throw white balls into baskets). And then, we repeat the adventure!

Concerns: Make sure they moves safely and carefully. Behinds only on the scooters. You will need to determine what is safe in your gym with the dimming of the lights.
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