Berenstain Bears On The Moon

Berenstain Bears On The Moon (Read Across America)

State Standard: 1 & 4

Equipment: Berenstain Bears on the Moon Book, scooters, poly spots, bean bags, balancing equipment (optional), music
Grade: K-1
Purpose of Event: Balance, body and space awareness
Time: 10-15 minutes

Scatter poly spots and bean bags around the area. Poly spots represent moon craters and bean bags represent moon rocks. The teacher begins the lesson reading the book “The Berenstain Bears on the Moon.” Then students begin the activity portion of the lesson by sitting on a scooter on the side of the room. Integrating the details of the book into this, explain who they are going to fly to the moon in the rocket ship. Have the class count down to blast-off and ride their rocket to the moon. When they arrive, their rocket becomes a moon-mobile. Ask them to ride in all different directions and pathways around the moon avoiding the craters and rocks. next, have the part their moon-mobile and step out for a walk on the moon. You can have them walk slowly, explaining the concept of no gravity as well. Finally, they can collect moon rocks and balance them on different body parts as they walk. Other balancing equipment can be used to increase difficulty.

Concerns: Move carefully on Scooters and in personal space.
This idea is from: Melanie Jackson in Salisbury, MD


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