Dribble Movement Tag

Dribble Movement Tag

State Standard: 1 & 3

Equipment: Basketball (or playground ball) per student; Music Optional
Grade: 3+
Purpose of Event: Skill of dribbling with hand, hand-eye coordination.
Time: 5-10 minutes

Give all students a ball. Assign 3-4 students to be taggers. These taggers, while still dribbling a ball themselves, move throughout the area trying to tag other students who are also dribbling a ball. Players who are tagged hold their ball above their head, or do any ball handling drill they can do in place. Players who are not tagged can touch them allowing them to join in again (or I have them move the ball 10 X’s around their body, and join in again, or do any specific skill and join again).

Choose new taggers often. Also, if you lose control of your dribble, you have to do the “frozen” activity, even if you are a tagger!

Concerns: Personal Space. Make students are dribbling their ball with proper technique!
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