Razzle Dazzle Football

Razzle Dazzle Football

State Standard: 1 & 3

Equipment: Cones for 2 fields, nerf football, jerseys 
Grade: 3+
Purpose of Event: Throwing, Catching, short passes, team strategies, ball movement
Time: 15-20 minutes

Divide class into 4 even teams, play on two fields that are side by side (if possible).  A good length of the field is about 50 yards.  If you have uneven sides then have a person rotate in on every play so one will be sitting out only one play.

To begin the game, rock-paper-scissors to see who gets the ball first.

One team member starts with the ball (quarterback) and they get up to 4 chances to throw the ball to someone on their team and have them catch the ball.  When their team makes a catch, the student that caught the ball becomes the quarterback and they get 4 more chances.  IF the other team intercepts (catches) or knocks down the ball, it is not a turn-over, it just counts as one of the 4 chances (throws).

After 4 chances, if no one from the quarterbacks team catches the ball, the ball goes to the other team.  The other team takes possession of the ball right where the quarterback is at.   If the quarterbacks team score (gets the ball to the other end of the gym) the other team takes possession of the ball at that end of the gym.

Teams must have 4 Catches before they can score.  I don’t allow guarding the quarterback, but they can guard (without touching) any other player.  When you are the quarterback you may not move your feet other than to adjust to throw.

-Alternative-    The team that has the ball has 4 DOWNS to bring the ball down the field over the end line.  Downs happen when the person with the ball is tagged or when the ball it is thrown to an other teammate and the ball is dropped.  Teams then line-up on each side of the ball and the ball is passed back to the quarter back and the game begins immediately.  The quarterback must be rotated until everyone has had a chance to be quarterback.  Anyone may tag the person with the ball.  

Upon scoring, the games begin with a kick or throw-off by the scoring team.  Interceptions are allowed and the team catching the ball starts at the place they intercepted it and it is from there that they get their four downs.  If a team does not score in four downs the ball is kicked or thrown off to the other team.  Encourage 4 short passes.

In addition to the 4 downs to speed things up you may give the teams a time limit as well.  that tends to quicken things up.  Give points for sportsmanship or take away for lack of.

Concerns: Keep teams small to encourage lots of participation.
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