Touch Down

Touch Down

State Standard: 1, 3, & 4

Equipment:  Nerf Footballs/Rag ball (6+), 2 jerseys, 
Grade: 4+
Purpose of Event: Work on Throwing/Catching skills, defending a receiver
Time: 15-20 minutes

Divide gym lengthwise into 4 zones (2 center zones and 2 end zones). Half the team is in their center zone (quarterbacks)  and the other half of the team is in their end zone (receivers).  The opposing team sets up the same way with the quarterback in their center zone and the receivers at the opposite end of the gym in their end zone.  Each team starts off with 3 balls.

The object of the game is for the quarterbacks to complete as many passes to their receivers in the time allotted.  Each completion from the quarterbacks to the receiver is a touchdown.  teams must record their own scores.  Receivers must get the balls back to their own quarterbacks but no points are scored from their completions.  The opposing teams quarterbacks can try to intercept passes as long as they stay in their own zones.  Any quarterback can throw to any of their receivers.  Switch the receivers and quarterback periodically during play.

After the students understand the concept of the activity and are catching and receiving fairly easily, add a defender.  The defender must wear a Jersey and is allowed to move anywhere through the zones.  this activity works great in teaching the children to move to receive their passes to get away from the defense player.  The defender was also allowed to pick up balls to return to the quarterbacks.  Change this person periodically also.

Can use a regular ball instead of a football.

Concerns: Be careful of where you are throwing the ball, and watch were you are going.
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