Shoot The Gap

Shoot The Gap

State Standard: 1, 3, & 4

Equipment: Several cones, 5-6 foam soccer balls (depending how many teams you have), and several poly spots. 
Grade: 3-6
Purpose of Event: Kicking, Foot/Eye Coordination, Cooperation, dribbling (feet)
Time: 10-15 minutes
Spread poly spots all over the gym. Place 5-6 cones in relay formation. Then place several cones on one end of the gym (I put mine just in front a wall) with space in-between them. These will represent the “gaps” the students are trying to kick their ball through. Description:

Divide class into relay teams, on one side of the gym.  The goal is to have students dribble their ball (with their feet) on trap their ball on any one of the poly spots. Once a student has chosen their poly spots and trapped their ball on it they must attempt to kick their ball between the cones (shoot the gap). If, a student scores a goal they pick up their poly spot and go retrieve their ball. After they have retrieved their ball they MUST dribble it back to the next person on their relay team. If, a player attempts a kick while on their desired poly spot and does NOT score (ball in between cones) they cannot pick up their poly spot. The game goes on until all the poly spots are obtained or time runs out. They team with the most poly spots wins. 

Variation: Move the relay teams further back from the location of the poly spots. This would give students more practice on dribbling their soccer ball before they attempt to score. 

Concerns: Keep kicks low, good sportsmanship, and make sure students are NOT using their hands. 
This idea is from: Kevin Vanderwal, Physical Education Teacher, Sioux Falls, SD. 


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