Battle Ball

 Battle Ball 

State Standard: 1, 3, & 4

Equipment: 1 pin and ball per group of 3
Grade:  4+ (K-2 with Under hand throwing)
Purpose of Event:  Throwing & Aiming
Time: 20-25 minutes
Description: (groups of 3-4)

Place pin (near wall works best) about 15′ from throwing line.  Players line up and player 1 takes a turn trying to throw the ball at the pin.  If the pin is knocked down, that team scores a point, and whoever knocked it down, runs and picks it up. While player 1 is setting up the pin, player 3 goes and gets the ball and runs it back to player 2.  Play continues and the players switch “positions, #2 becoming #1 and so on.  Repeat until one team has 5 points, change teams and play again.

For Grades K-2, have them throw underhand and I don’t  switch teams.

Concerns:  Be cautious!  Lots of movement, be aware of the people around you!  And be careful of the scooters.
This idea is from: WOW Workshop

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