Move The Mountain

Move The Mountain

State Standard: 1, & 3

Equipment: Cageball or Omnikin Ball, Music, Lots of little balls
Grade:  K-2
Purpose of Event:  Throwing & Aiming
Time: 20-25 minutes
Divide class into two groups, each team line up behind its starting line (each on one side of the gym).  The objective is to throw the smaller balls at the Earth Ball and hit it so that is moves past the other teams goal line.   
I use the volleyball court line, serving line (throw from); Mid-court line (place the Earth Ball here to start) and the 10′ Attack line (goal line).  One balls have been thrown, players may leave the restraining areas (serving line) to retrieve balls on their halves of the gym, but they must return to the restraining areas to throw.  When a team moves the ball across the goal line, it scores 1 point.
Concerns:  Use soft ball, Koosh work well or Dense foam balls.  Be cautious of throws.
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