Scooter Soccer


Scooter Soccer

State Standard: 1, 2, & 4

Equipment:  2 large Exercise Balls, Several Scooters, Colored Jersey’s, and cones.  Grade: 3-5
Purpose of Event: Practice the skills of soccer (kicking, passing, and teamwork) in a modified scooter activity. 
Time: 15-20 minutes

Split students into four equal teams. I have a double gym (which helps). Put the curtain down to split the gym into two separte courts. Give each student a scooter.

The will be two teams playing each other on one side of the gym while the other two teams will be playing on their court (other side of gym). Each team member has a scooter. The students objective is to kick the ball (Fitness Balls) against the mat on each end to score points. After a couple minutes switch teams. I do not have any goalies in this game. All students are scorers and defenders. Students are NOT allowed to use their hands at any point. 


The players can only use their feet to kick the ball. If they use their hands the ball is awarded to the other team and that player has to sit in the penalty box. Students MUST stay on their scooter (bottoms). If student is chronically falling of their scooter they will be sent to the penalty box (designated area in the gym) for a few minutes. 

Concerns: Students falling of their scooters. Scooters being run into one another (pinching fingers) and making sure the ball does not hit anyone. 
This idea is from: I have seen many versions of this game, but I have modified it for my students and the space I have. 


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