Turkey Feathers


Turkey Feathers

State Standard: 1, 2, & 4

Equipment: Several Scooters (different colors: 4 sets), Several Pool Noodles, Several Scarves (4 sets), and Cones Grade: K-5
Purpose of Event: Teamwork, Cardiovascular Endurance, and Strategy. 
Time: 15-20 minutes
For K-2  I call out a turkey (scooter) color to be “it”. The taggers get to pull other turkeys’ feathers (scarves) and place them in the turkey pen (bucket inside cones) in the middle. Turkeys must enter the turkey pen and do an exercise before they earn their turkey tail feather back. Change tagger color after a few minutes. 

3-5 It is a modified Capture the Flag. I called it Capture the Feather. 4 teams. Each team has to try and pull the other turkey’s feathers off their tail. If their feather gets pulled (2 ways to play here) they go to the turkey pen and do an exercise to get back in the game. Or you can have them stay there until one of their teammates saves them.


Concerns: Students running into one another when they are taking their lap around the mats. 
This idea is from: Michele Morgan Ragsdale



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