Hit The Spot

Hit The Spot

State Standard: 1, 2 & 3

Equipment: Ball (nerf) and poly spot per pair of students Grade: K-5
Purpose of Event: Work on throwing under and over hand, Hand-eye coordination, Timing, Aiming, & Teamwork
Time: 15-20 minutes
Line up students in a double line about 10-15 feet apart, facing their partners. Place a poly spot between them. Objective is to throw the ball and have it hit the spot.

Each of these 5x’s and then continue to next, can also switch partners if you would like: Start by having the students standing and throw; then Jump up and throw while in the air; 3 steps and throw; 3 steps jump and throw. (Even with the steps, they should still be 10-15′ from the poly spot.) Increase distance as skill improves.

**Could be a possible station activity for K-2 students.**

Concerns: Have lots of space between pairs
This idea is from: WOW Workshop

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