State Standard: 1, 3

Equipment:  Several gator-skin balls, folding mats, 25-30 foam pins Grade: K-5 
Purpose of Event: Manipulation, Control, Team Play

Organization: Form two equal teams with each team starting in its half of the gym. Stand the folding mats up and put them on the half court line. One team on each side on the mats. Each side will setup 12 bowling pins on their side of the mat.


  1. Each side will throw dodgeballs over the mats trying to knock down the pins on the other side.
  2. If you catch a ball that is thrown over the mat, you get to leave your side of the mat and take a lap around the other side. You can throw the ball you caught at their pins (you only throw one ball). After you throw your ball continue running until you have made your half lap. If you catch another ball, run around to the other side and throw again.
  3.  The teams can guard their pins.
  4. When you only have one pin left…only 1 person can guard that pin.
  5. The team that knocks over all the other teams pins wins.
  6. Set up and play again.
Concerns:  Must be able to move in general space safely and while on the scooters. Be careful when trying to strike the hockey puck that nobody is around the shooter. 
This idea is from:  Kathy Wait (Sioux Falls, SD). Original Idea: Ben Prillio = Teach Physed. 


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