Football Hoop Tag

Football Hoop Tag

State Standard: 1, & 3

Equipment:  5 hoops, 5 nerf footballs (may need more depending on number of students) 3 noodles (for tagging), music
Grade: 4-8 (1-3 with koosh balls)
Purpose of Event: Throwing and Catching skills, Locomotor movement
Time: 15-20 minutes

Scatter 5 hoops around on the floor, and have a student start in each with a football. (You may need to add hoops/balls)  Give out 3 noodles for tagging.  At the start of the music, the taggers start to tag as many people as possible (people in the hoops cannot be tagged).  If you get tagged you are frozen.  Once frozen you must get the attention of someone in a hoop and have them throw you a football.  If the football is caught, you are un-frozen, and take the spot of the person in the hoop, that threw you the ball.  If you do NOT catch the ball you remain frozen until you catch a ball.  People that are not frozen, need to pick up the balls that are not caught, and give them back to the students in the hoops, because the students in the hoops may not leave the hoops until they are replaced.  You cannot be frozen if you have a football in your hands.

Stop every couple of minutes to switch taggers, also change the locomotor movements.

I would play this with lower grades, but use a koosh ball instead and have more hoops and balls since the throwing and catching isn’t as controlled.

Concerns: Be cautious of the hoops, don’t step on them, they slide.  Throw carefully, lots of movement going on.
This idea is from: “Great Activities”


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