Fitness Centers

Fitness Centers

State Standard: 1, 2, & 4

Equipment: Several cones, poly spots, different fitness equipment (dumbbells, medicine ball, jungle jims, jump ropes, and/or cup stacks), Mats, arrows, and cue cards. Grade: 4-5 (Possible 3)
Purpose of Event: Endurance, Strength, and Fitness Concepts
Time: 20-25 minutes
Organization:  Set-up several centers around the gym with either arrows or shoulder folders locating each station for the students.  Have students sit in their battle-ship spots as I explain each fitness center. Once each center has been explained or demonstrated separate each students into groups of two partners and have them start at different centers. 

Fitness Centers: On the signal, the students within their pairs will begin each workout labeled by the shoulder folder at each center. The following are some different ideas that I use for various fitness workouts (you can add more or change for whatever works for your students):

  1. Lunges (use dumbbells students walk from one cone to another while holding dumbbells).
  2. Wall Sits (students sit at a wall with their legs at 90 degree angle).
  3. Jumping Rope (students perform various forward, backward, and/or criss cross jump ropes).
  4. Abdominal twists (students use a medicine ball and perform abdominal twists).
  5. Climbing Wall (If your gym has one; students will use the climbing wall).
  6. Jungle Jim’s (students will perform a chest press or standing row with cables).
  7. Bosu Ball (students will work on balancing while trying to catch a ball being thrown by their partner).
  8. Burpees/Mountain Climbers (one partner will perform burpees while the other partner performs mountain climbers then switch).
  9. Cub Stacking (depending on the age have a center where students practice speed stacks).
  10. Forearm Plank (students work on their muscular strength and core by performing a forearm plank)

Variations: You can add or remove any exercises as you see fit that works for your students.

Concerns: Move safely around the gym. Make sure students performing the exercises correctly and with proper technique. I also make sure that they are working well with their partners.
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Knights of The Round Table



Knights of The Round Table

State Standard: 1, 2, 3, 5
Equipment: 3-4 mats, 10-15 gator balls, 20 pins, 6-8 scooters, & 20 polyspots (set pins on) Grade: 3-8
Purpose: Cardiovascular Fitness, Throwing Skills, Movement in General Space, Muscular Strength, & Teamwork.
Time: 15-25 Minutes


Lay the mats across the gym to divide the play area in half. Set up ten pins on each end line (castles). Divide the class into two teams and each team begins on their own side of the play area. Assign each student one of the following roles:

  • Pages – collect  balls and bring them to their team’s Catapults (Aerobic Fitness).
  • Catapults – lay on their backs on their backs ready to perform a curl-up (throwing balls to knock down castles: Muscular Strength & Endurance).
  • Knights – sit on horses (scooters) and protect the castles (Muscular Strength, & Flexibility).

The team that knocks over all the pins (castles) first is the winner.

Concerns: Be Careful when throwing a ball! Students are not allowed to throw a ball at another student!!
This idea is from: Scott Carlson, Muskego-Norway School District, Wisconsin.