Island Hopping


Island Hopping

State Standard1, 2, & 4

Equipment: Several large mats, scooters, tag sticks, & poly spots.  Grade: K-5
Purpose of Event: Hopping, Leaping, Manipulation, Aerobic Fitness & Spatial Awareness
Time: 15-20 minutes

Organization: Set-up several large mats in rows (Velcro them together) with space in between each row. This allows for the students to be able to see the floor. Place four scooters with tag sticks (noodles) on each scooter in between the rows of mats (pirates). Place several poly spots on each end of the gym (Lilly pads). 

Island Hopping: Separate the students into two groups. One group will be at on end of the gym standing the on the ploy spots. The other group is standing on the other end of the gym on poly spots. The poly spots represent the lily pads (students not standing on the floor). After separated, tell the class they are to hop or leap from their lily pads onto the rows of mats (islands) without touching the floor. The students are to keep hopping/leaping from each row of mats (island) from one end of the gym to the other. I have 4 rows of mats set-up in my gym. Once the students have reached the end the run around the outside and start again (or you can have them turn around and hop or leap where they came from). If a student touches the floor while attempting to hop from one island to the other they must perform a specific exercise before returning to the game. 

Variations: I place four students on scooters with tag sticks (swords) these are the “pirates.” If a student is tagged by a pirate before they reach the island they must perform a specific exercise.  This activity is sometimes referred to as “Frogger” or “Crossy Roads.” During Valentine’s Day the taggers are the “Cupid’s” when students get tagged they make them “fall in love with exercise.”

Concerns: Move safely around the gym.
This idea is from: Justin Cahill, K-5 Physical Education Teacher, Altanta, GA.