State Standard: 1, 3, & 4

Equipment: Several basketballs, crates/buckets, and play money, & several Poly spots. Grade: 3-5
Purpose of Event: dribbling, shooting, teamwork, and adding skills
Time: 20-25 minutes

Organization:  Divide the class into four teams. Each player needs a basketball. Set up several poly spots (depends on how many students you have) around the shooting lanes on the basketball court. If you have four basketball hoops, you need to set up poly spots at each hoop at different spots. You can use buckets and/or milk crates (this will be the team’s bank to put their money in).
Description:  After the teams have been distributed, On the signal, each player will dribble their basketball and attempt a shot at one of the poly spots. If the player makes their shot, they will look on the whiteboard (see the picture below) to see how much that specific color is worth ($$). They will then go to the cart, grab the money, and put it in their team’s bank account (buckets/milk crates). Then they will attempt another shot, trying to keep gaining more money for their team. The activity continues until all the money is gone or time is up. After the activity has ended, each team will put their basketballs away and go and add up the amount of money they earned. The team with the most money wins.


Concerns: Be safe while shooting the basketballs (make sure nobody is under the baskets). No cheating!!!! 
This idea is from My student teacher Miss Zimbeck


Basketball Shoot-out


Basketball Shoot Out!

State Standard: 1, 2, 3

Equipment: Rubber play ground balls, (can use basketballs, but with the little kids, and all the shooting, rubber is safer!  Plus, they bounce easier!   100+ tokens, a Frisbee, music, basketball hoops (low) Grade: K-3
Purpose of Event: Shooting Basket, Adding Score, Sportsmanship, work on HONESTY!
Time: 15-20 minutes
Description: : Have everyone get a basketball

  •  When the music starts, they can shoot at any of the 6 hoops, every time they make a basket, they come over to you and get a token out of the “treasure chest” and put the token in the Frisbee.
  •  I usually sit on a chair and hold the treasure chest, so kids will only take ONE token
  •  After 2-3 minutes, stop the music and close the lid to the chest, NO MORE TOKENS can be taken out.
  •  Have the kids come and sit around you and help them count the tokens from the Frisbee
  • Put the tokens back into the chest and start the game again.
  •  I don’t let the kids dribble or shoot while we are counting.

Work on Math skills!  Count by 2’s 5’s etc.  Also, sometimes we count by color!  Have one student pick out a chip, what ever color it is, that color is worth 2 points instead of just one!

Concerns:  If using real basketballs, be careful around the hoops!
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