A Student’s Brand Now Begins at Birth

During the first semester of the 2014-15 school year, Gaggle Safety Management discovered and blocked 283,368 references of sex and 188,563 mentions of drugs in student email, text messages, discussion boards, email attachments and computer files.

Source: www.gaggle.net

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How to Curate Your Digital Identity as an Academic

If you don’t manage your online presence, you are allowing search engines to create it for you.

Source: chronicle.com

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What Does Your Students’ Digital Footprints Look Like?

Students are now digital citizens. Their digital footprint, which is updated on a daily basis, will have a major impact on their future.

Source: blog.learn2earn.org

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Keeping Kids’ Integrity Intact in a Snap-Happy Age | AT&T Thread

Sharing photos online of our kids is practically irresistible. But what about when those kids are teenagers and adults? Will those shots of little Zoe’s bath still live on the Internet? And what about pics kids post of themselves?

Source: www.att.com

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Social Media’s Dark Side

The connection to our electronic devices is stronger than ever before, and that bond will only grow as technology continues…

Source: www.keloland.com

Local story about social media “dark side”. We used this as a digital citizenship topic on our blogs.

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Digital Citizenship Is More Than Living By a Set of Rules

“ I’ve avoided responding to an email from a school district leader asking for resources on digital citizenship that he can give a principal to work on developing. I could have shot him back a list o…”

Source: michellergreen.com

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Digital CitizenShip: Social Media AND Privacy

. . Digital CitizenShip: Social Media AND Privacy I wrote already about “Privacy” on my blog posts Privacy In The Digital World-SHOULDN’T We Talk About It!?, Smartphone pictures pose privacy risks …

Source: gustmees.wordpress.com

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Teaching Digital Citizenship through Scenarios (Blog Posts).

Once I decided I was going to teaching Digital Citizenship to my 6-8 middle school students it’s was brought to my attention of producing student reflections & insights through creating blog posts on teacher given scenarios. This is a great methodology that allows teachers to see students reflections, insights, as well as allowing students to collaborate with one another. 

Student Case Study Sampe: CaseStudy1

Children’s e-Safety laws target social media and cyber bullying – CNET

The Government is introducing a Children’s e-Safety Commissioner to target online bullying, with powers to fine social media sites and force offending online posts to be taken down.

Source: www.cnet.com

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You’re Being Watched Online

Yes, everything you do online is being tracked. Your searches, the videos you watch, transactions, social events, even crime. Scandalous crimes. With a little help, especially with our guides, you’re still able to remain anonymous on the Internet.

Source: www.makeuseof.com

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