Lord of the Rings




Lord of the Rings

State Standard: 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5

Equipment: Several Deck Rings Pins, Noodles (tagging), 5 cones, & 6 Mats

Grade: K-5

Purpose of Event: Cardiovascular, Running, Movement in General Space.

Time: 15-20 minutes


Put 5 folded mats side-by-side on one side of the gym. Next, spread out several deck rings on the mats. Put 5 Cones on the other side of the gym in a relay style formation. Lastly, put one mat in the middle of the gym.


This is a timed game; I usually go about 2-3 minutes. Students (Hobbits) will line up behind the 5 cones in a relay style formation. I usually put only 5 students in each line. The rest of the students are the are the taggers (orcs) their job is to prevent the students (Hobbits) in the line from stealing the deck rings (lord of the rings) from the mats. If student (s) gets tagged by an “Orc” they must sit on the mat in the middle of the gym because they have been captured by the “Orcs.”


Students (Orcs) are not allowed to stand on the mats where the rings are => No puppy guarding. Once a student a “runner” has been tagged by the “orc” the next person in their line is able to attempt and steal a ring.

Concerns: Move safely in general space. Making sure students are tagged in a nice manner w/ the noodles.

This idea is from: Mitch Begeman, PE Teacher, Horace Mann Elementary, Sioux Falls, SD.

Mr. Kirsch: Physical Education Lesson Plans




Above is my Physical Education lesson plans. This is a yearly outlook on what we do in Physical Education at Garfield Elementary. I have decided to embed this as a way to share resources for other Physical Education teachers. Last week I was given the great opportunity to become part of a collaboration of Physical Education teachers on Google!! It’s amazing to read and continue to learn to strategies of how to make my Physical Education classes better for my students!

Benefits of Physical Activity and Exercise



Benefits of Physical Activity and Exercise Physical activity makes you feel happier by releasing endorphins in your system when exercising. It makes body look …

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Physical Education Teachers ==> Learning Spikeball


Sioux Fall Physical Education Teachers in @SFSchools learning how play Spikeball!! Thank you so much for coming to Sioux Falls School District and #‎teaching us #‎Physed teachers Spikeball! Had a great time!! After being out of the #‎PhysicalEducation classroom for a couple years and finally having the opportunity to go back I cannot wait to teach this game to my students at Garfieldphyed!! I believe it is one of the best cardiovascular & communication games I have ever played or been a part of! I truly believe that any #Physed teacher would be missing out if they haven’t heard or been shown Spikeball! Thanks to Skyler Boles for coming to Sioux Falls and instructing! #‎PEMatters‬

Blog Post #8 – Pirating

This wordle is free by linking back to  ==> mrkirsch.edublogs.org <==

This wordle is free by linking back to
==> mrkirsch.edublogs.org <==


Digital Citizenship: Henry from Mr. Kirsch on Vimeo.

Part #1 – Case Study ==> Read the scenario below: 

“Paul spends a lot of time online illegally downloading (pirating) music, movies, and games. He then uploads the files and shares them with friends and even on peer-to-peer sharing websites. “I’m spreading the wealth,” he says. One day his older sister finds out what he is doing and tells him, “It’s illegal, it’s stealing!” Paul says, “I don’t care. Why should I have to pay for something when I can get it for free? Besides, these artists and the record companies make tons of money.” His sister then asks, “If you made a song or a movie, would you want people to just get it for free, and without giving you credit?”

Part #2 – Apply New Knowledge (Answer these questions on your blog).

1. Why should Paul care about his behavior?

2. How does pirating affect creators?

3. What are honest ways Paul could obtain music and movies he wants?

4. How would this affect you if this was you?

Part #3 – Complete this post by Friday, March 20, 2015 @5pm. 

10 steps to easily archive a chat with Storify | Mr Kemp

Thanks to Craig Kemp for this blog post. Excellent tutorial on how to archive Twitter chats on @storify.

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Edublogs; “WordPress” blogs for Education – WP Daily

Edublogs is a blogging platform aimed at education but interestingly it is powered by WordPress. Is Edublogs a good alternative to WordPress for you?

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8th grade ICT Digital Citizenship Comic Strips 2015

The following are my 8th grade ICT students Digital Citizenship Comic Strips they created via Pixton and then posted on their blogs! The objective was to create a comic strip depicting some form of digital citizenship with a safe/realistic resolution at the end.

» Is Blogging worth it for the aspiring academic? Virtual Canuck

After spending most of yesterday catching up on blogs, Facebook posts, twitter and linked in, I began to wonder if it was worth it and how I would I would measure the value (in academic terms) of my day. First of all I should note that the day was a pleasant one, with a few good articles uncovered, a joke or three, time wasted trying to find closed articles mentioned in open repositories, a few new slides for upcoming keynotes, updates on a number of colleagues, some interesting conference to keep in mind and a great of peripheral knowledge that I have no idea if it will ever have any use. But was it worth it??

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