The “Death Star”


The “Death Star”

State Standard: 1, 3, & 4

Equipment: Cageball (or Fitness Balls) and Playground Balls.  Grade: 3-5 (K-2 possibly)
Purpose of Event: Throwing at moving targets & Teamwork
Time: 18-25 minutes


Organization:  Divide the class into two teams and have them line up along their chosen sideline. Mark an area about 30 feet wide across the center of the playing area, with the cageball aka “Death Star” in the center.

Description: “Death Star”: The two teams are the Dark Side vs. The Force. In May, we play this game for “May the 4th Be With You.”  The game’s objective is to throw the playground balls at the Death Star (Darth Vador’s Spaceship), forcing it across the line in front of the opposing team.  Rules: Players may come up to the line but cannot move into the center area, and no one is allowed to touch the Death Star at any time. If balls become caught in the center, students can go retrieve a ball, but they must return to their throwing zone. If the Death Star crosses over to the opposing team’s side, that team wins. The game stops, and that particular team must perform an exercise. The game starts over with the Death Star starting back in the middle of the gym. 

Variations: We use the Yoga Balls with medium-sized gator-skin balls for K-2 students. For 3-5 grades we use the cageball with playground balls.

Instead of just one cageball/yoga ball have multiple (5-6). More opportunity for students throw at the Death Star.  


  • Be safe while throwing the balls. Students are not allowed to throw the balls at one another. Students need to be aware of the ricochet from the playground balls off the cageball.
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