Haunted House


Haunted House

State Standard: 1, 3, & 4

Equipment: Several Beanbags, Buckets, Cones, and pool noodles (tag sticks) Grade: K-5
Purpose of Event: Work on Listening skills, directions, strategy, lots of movement
Time: 20-25 minutes
Big circle of cones around the gym – the haunted house walls. Place all your bean bags in the middle of the circle – candy. Put Hula hoops by the walls of the gym – candy buckets2 people at each station. Pick four students to be  taggers in the middle of the haunted house (ghosts). Taggers can’t leave house area. The other students are trying to steal the candy from the haunted house. Description:
Try to enter the haunted house  and steal 1 piece of candy without being tagged by a ghosts. If a student gets tagged, they put candy back and go back and tag their partner.  (For 3-5 classes I have them perform an exercise before they attempt to steal again). For K-1 students, they go back to bucket and do jumping jacks or whatever at their buckets.Modifications:
You may only tag your partner, and nobody else. Once you have decided to run to the West or East, you may not change your mind.  Get back to the line as soon as you get to the base line, or are tagged.
Concerns: Being safe while tagging. Making sure students are staying in their order. For the older kids: No cheating!!!! 
This idea is from: Amy Bertrand, Sioux Falls School District., Laura Wilder Elementary School 


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Fireman’s Challenge


Fireman’s Challenge

State Standard: 1, 2, & 4

Equipment: Several yarnballs, track baton, beachball, cones, & duck tape Grade: K-5
Purpose of Event: Overhand throwing at a target.
Time: 20-25 minutes
Organization: Split your class into 2 teams, and use whatever type of ball you wish (yarn balls, small gator skin balls.) The students have to throw the balls at the beach ball, trying to get to cross a line on the floor for points.

Set-up: You tie a piece of rope to the rim on one of your basketball hoops.  You then take a track baton, and tape it to a large volleyball/beach ball, then string the rope through the baton and tie to the basketball hoop on the other end of the gym. **Taken from a contest that firefighters have were they put a barrel on a cable and then see which group of firefighters can get the barrel to the other side.**

Concerns: Move safely around the gym. Make sure students are sharing the yarnballs. For older students make sure they DO NOT jump and touch the beachball. If they do, they are out or have to do an exercise to get back in the game.
This idea is from: Steve Kennedy, Physical Education Teacher. Sioux Falls, SD.


Physical Activity And Diabetes : Impact of Physical Activity on Diabetes



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This video just paints another picture if you will on WHY physical activity is a must in our schools!!!

Benefits of Physical Activity and Exercise



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Designing Physical Education Curriculum for a Physically Active Lifestyle


“…Using the national standards as a guide, Designing the Physical Education Curriculum: Promoting Active Lifestylesshows you how to plan and develop effective physical education curricula at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. Taking a practical approach, the text balances curriculum theory with strategies for planning and implementation. The book will help you plan programs that achieve the goal of educating children for physically active lifestyles…”

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Halloween Ghost Hunt



State Standard: 1, 3

Equipment: 25 cones, 10 white fluff balls “ghosts”, and Halloween music. Grade: K-2
Purpose of Event: Cooperation, memory skills and cardiovascular workout
Time: 15-18 minutes
Organization: Arrange 25 cones in 5 rows of 5 on one side of the gym.  Put the “ghosts” randomly inside ten cones before students enter the gym.

“Ghost Hunt”:

Divide the students into four teams and have them line up behind the red line on the opposite side of the gym as the cones.  Explain to the students that there is ten ghosts hidden under the “pumpkins” in the “pumpkin patch”.  When the music starts one person from each team will go into the “patch” and look under one “pumpkin”.  If a ghost is found, the student takes it and returns to his/her team.  If a ghost is not found, they still return to their team.  The person then tags the hand of the next person in line and then he/she may go.  Remind students that no one should move until the music begins and that everyone must freeze when the music is turned off. Once they touch a cone they have to pick that one up.

When it appears most of the ghosts are found, stop the game by turning off the music.  Count the number of ghosts each team captured.  The team with the most is the winner.  Collect the captured ghosts.  Have the team turn to the wall and close their eyes to replace the “ghosts”.  Begin the game once again.

Concerns: Students staying in their lines (no cutting).
This idea is from: Mark Harming, Physical Education Teacher, Chamberlain School District, Chamberlain, SD.

Treasure Island

Treasure Island

State Standard: 1, 2, 3, 4

Equipment: 5 Mats, A Bunch of Trinkets (bean bags), Jersey’s, Tag Sticks (Noodles), & Cones Grade: K-5
Purpose of Event:  Teamwork & Cardiovascular Endurance
Time: 15- 20 minutes
Organization: Place four mats in each corner of the gym (pirate ships) and one mat in the middle of the gym (island). The class will return to the center circle and receive the directions for the activity.  The class will be divided into five teams.  The teacher will choose the teams.

Treasure Island: Four teams try to steal from the Treasure Island (Pirates). Four to Five other students wearing the colored jersey’s (guards) try to tag the pirates when they come to steal from the Treasure Island. If pirates grab an item BEFORE they are tagged they get to keep it and take item back to their mat (Pirate Ship). If a pirate is tagged before they grab an item they have to return to their ship and wait for their next turn to steal. This is a timed game. After 2-3 minute stop the game and see, which pirate team has the most “treasure.” Then rotate teams. The guards become pirates and so on.   

Concerns: No sliding on the floor. Make sure the pirates are tagging in a safe manner.
This idea is from: 


Middle Fork Elementary-4th Grade Physical Education

Middle Fork Elementary-4th Grade Physical Education. This day was a fun day for all the children and myself (cameraman). Coach Shinault was very gracious …

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Sports vs Physical Education. Why? | Move Live Learn


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