A brief History of Social Media (1969-2012) [INFOGRAPHIC]

But here’s the thing: the history of social media actually goes back a lot further, and its roots can be found in blogging, Google, AOL, ICQ, the beginnings of the world wide web and, perhaps surprisingly, CompuServe. 

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Can anyone predict the next 33 years of Social Media? We don’t know it but the History of Social Media belongs to our digital culture. Let’s meet  the pioneers of digital life. 

Rules for Tweeting Teachers

This post was originally published on June 5, 2012. What would you do if you discovered your child’s middle school teacher was tweeting about drinking to excess and having inappropriate online banter with students?

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Social Media in the Classroom: 16 Best Resources for 2015 | Edudemic

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Great article!! Definitely need to incorporate w/ teacher supervision. Show students how to use social media the right way!!!

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6 Alternative Social Media Tools for Teaching and Learning — Campus Technology

Facebook and Twitter may be ubiquitous, but there are many other social media tools out there that can enhance teaching and learning. Here, three educators share their favorites.

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Internet Safety Cheat Sheet For Digital Media Use In Schools

Internet Safety Cheat Sheet For Digital Media Use In Schools

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How to say “Thank you” on Social Media.





How to Use Social Media as a Learning Tool in the Classroom

Social media is an ingrained part of today’s society.

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Is Social Media ruining students?

This infographic paints a very interesting picture on the relationship between social media and our students. This provides more justification on why we need to teach the proper ways of using social media to our students.


A Guidebook for Social Media in the Classroom

Edutopia blogger Vicki Davis, in the first half of a pro-and-con discussion about social media in the classroom, positions it as a vital life skill and provides 12 positive examples of classroom use.

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EdTech Twitter Accounts You Can’t Afford to Miss – EdTechReview™ (ETR)

Here’s a list of the EdTech Twitter accounts that you can’t afford to miss.

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