Rescue Football

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Rescue Football

State Standard: 1, 3, & 4

Equipment: Several Footballs, Mats, and Pinnies. Grade: 3-5
Purpose of Event: Overhand Throwing (football), Teamwork, and Catching
Time: 20-25 minutes

Organization:  Divide the playing area in half, place three blue mats on each half of the gym, divide the students into two teams, spread the footballs evenly around the playing area.
Description:  Start with the teams on their own half of the playing area, select one player to stay on their side, this is the QB, the rest of the players go over and stand on the blue mats; they are the receivers.  The QB throws the footballs from his team’s side of the gym to his teammates on the blue mats; if they catch a football, they can go to their side of the gym and become QB’s.  If a QB’s pass is intercepted, they must return to the blue mats and again receive.  Keep playing until one team has everyone either as a QB or a receiver; if your team is all QB’s, you win; if your team is all receivers, you lose.
Concerns: Being safe while throwing the footballs (not at face). Make sure students are staying in their order. For the older kids: No cheating!!!! 
This idea is from: PE staff within Sioux Falls School District

3 Person Continuous Football

3 Person Continuous Football

State Standard: 1, 2, & 3

Equipment: Football or rag foot ball for each group of 3 Grade: 3+
Purpose of Event: Throwing, Catching, Running, Adding, throw a football at a moving target
Time: 15-20 minutes

Cover correct throwing form, catching. and snapping prior to playing.

Line up the groups of 3 across one end of the gym.  (I use the end-line of the basketball court so that we can run and throw farther.)  In each groups one person starts as the Quarter Back (QB), one as the Receiver (R), and one as the Center (C).

The Center starts with the ball and snaps the ball to the Quarter Back (that is standing about 3-4 feet behind the Center) as soon as the Quarter Back says “HUT”.  At this command, the Receiver runs straight out in front of the group.  The Quarter Back then throws the Receiver the ball.   I have my field divided into 3 zones.  The closest zone worth 1 point, the next worth 2 points and the zone farthest away is worth 3 points.  The Quarter Back and Receiver should decide which zone the Receiver should run to.  Each time the Receiver catches the ball it is worth “X” points, depending on which zone the ball is caught in.  I sometimes give points for touching the ball, even if they don’t catch it, so it will encourage them to go after the ball.  

After the Receiver has they ball they RUN it back to the group and the Receiver becomes the new Center, the Center moves to Quarter Back and the Quarter Back becomes the new Receiver.  Play continues until one team has reach the point goal.  

Goals can be point totals of: 5, 15, 21, what ever works for your class.  Or, keep adding points and if the ball is not caught, loss your points!  Or add points the whole time, and add all of the groups grand total together at the end.

Concerns: Have the Receiver run straight out and back so that they don’t run into anyone, and Run the ball back to the team, don’t throw it.
This idea is from:


Mat Football


 Mat Football 

State Standard: 1, 3

Equipment: 2 Mats, Floor Tape, several footballs, jersey’s, & Music Grade: 2-5
Purpose of Event: Work on Overhand Throwing (Football Throw) and Accuracy.
Time: 10-15 minutes
Description: Students are on two teams. Setup two mats on end. These will represent the end-zones. Students job is to overhand throw the footballs into the mats to score a touchdown. I play it for 2-3 minutes (quarters). After the time is up Students count how many footballs made it into the opponents mats (circles). For older Students 4th and 5th grade move their line back (each quarter) a line I mark on the floor that makes it harder to throw the ball in the circled mats (further away).

**After each quarter (with 4th and 5th grade students) I move the throwing line back. Longer throw harder to score.**

Concerns: Make sure students are NOT crossing the line to the opponents side and sharing the equipment with their teammates.
This idea is from: I have seen a version of this from several teachers, but I implemented the quarter options.