Mission Impossible



Mission Impossible

State Standard: 1, 2, 3, 5
Equipment: 3-4 Scooters, 5 Frisbee’s, 5 Ropes, [Same color as team], 3-4 Mats, 1-2 Balance Beams, Tires, Benches, & anything to create a challenge. Music: “Mission Impossible” Theme Song Grade: K-5
Purpose: Teamwork – Cooperative Learning
Time: 15-25 Minutes

Set-up items in the gym anyway to create a challenge for the students. 


  • Each team attempts to get ALL to the to the other side together as a “team.” Discourage students to take off with their team. The first team to make it to the other side wins.


  • Each participate on both teams must use the equipment given to make it across to the other side WITHOUT touching the gym floor. Any student who does touch the floor MUST return back to their starting side and begin again. 
  • Team equipment can only be used by designated team. The team of that color. Equipment must be used in the “journey” from one side of the gym to the other. 
  • Frisbee’s can only be stepped on!!! DO NOT SLIDE!! 
Concerns: Be Careful when trying to step from one Frisbee to another. Make sure students sit on the scooters (DO NOT STAND). 
This idea is from: Jim Jensen, Retired Physical Education Teacher, Sioux Falls School District, Sioux Falls, SD. 


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Sink The Ship



Sink The Ship

State Standard1, 2, & 4

EquipmentPins, mats, gatorskin or soft balls. Grade: K-5
Purpose of Event: Overhand Throwing Cues, Catching Cues
Time: 15-20 minutes
Description: Two teams of three play against each other across the playing area or gym. Set up the gym so you have one mat (ship) for each three students. Have the players in the game agree on how far the mats will be from each other. On the floor in front of each mat, set up four pins. Place a scooter (lifeboat) and four gator skin or soft balls (ammunition) on the mat to start.

Designate someone to ride the lifeboat (scooter). The person on the scooter is the only person who can retrieve balls from the sea (gym floor) and bring them back to their mat (ship). However, the students on the mats may catch thrown balls or reach for them on the floor keeping one foot on the mat. The students on the mat are trying to knock down the pins at the other mat by throwing balls using correct overhand technique. At least one foot must be on their mat at all times.

When all the pins by your mat are knocked down, set them up and restart the game with another person on both teams lifeboats.

Variations: After all teams have played at least one game have them select another team to play.

Concerns: Move safely around the gym.
This idea is from: Carly Glanzman